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Most Important African Gold Facts

As you may have already known, Africa is heavily endowed with a bulk of mineral resources. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the richest countries with regard to these endowments. There is every reason why you should invest your money in the DRC, because it has tons of the best quality Congo gold. In this gold in Africa article, we will look at some of the gold in Africa facts. In doing so, we will ask ourselves the following questions:

African Gold Facts: Is African Gold Legal?

Yes. One of the Gold in Africa facts is that it is 100% legal. When you buy gold from African countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, you will definitely be making legal deals. Congo gold is sold by small mining companies, locals and Congo gold traders who have legal permits to mine and sell the gold in the country. You will discover that most of these companies have operational offices in the East African countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Burundi. Are you ready for this legal gold? Contact us now for a chance to grab some tons for yourself.

African Gold Facts: Of What Quality Is African Gold?

To begin with, Africa has some of the best quality gold in the whole world. This high quality is inherited from the rich sources like the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you are on the lookout for the best quality African gold, buy Congo gold. This gold is graded in the categories of:
• 24 Carat Gold – 100%.
• 18 Carat Gold – 75%.
• 14 Carat Gold – 58.3%.
• 12 Carat Gold – 50%.

African Gold Facts: More On The Quality Of Gold

The quality of gold is usually measured in terms of carat. If you would like to purchase some African gold, you must be able to tell the carat of the gold you are about to buy. Another of the gold in Africa facts is that your African gold bears a quality stamp. You will find gold bars and nuggets with inscription like 24K, 18K and the rest stamped on them. The “K” stands for “karat”, an American spelling for “Carat”. You should remember that this carat property is technically determined. In case you may not be satisfied, you are free to verify it in your own way or method. Thank you for reading our gold in Africa article.

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