African Gold History – What You Need To Know

African Gold History – Business Lessons From Gold Conflicts

The gold in Africa history has, from time immemorial, been characterized by mass conquests and eras of conflict. In the West African region, kingdoms often thrived by conquering gold-rich kingdoms and plundering the said wealth. Heads rolled, wounds were inflicted and suffering reigned as a result of such conquests. You would think that such gold acquisitions would satiate the raging thirst for this metal, but that has not often been the case. This quest for gold is still something that is going on. More and more conflicts are the rise. Blood is being shed and the poor continue to suffer their fate as the rich start struggling for this metal.

African Gold History In DRC

Let’s take a look at the Democratic republic of Congo. For two decades, this country has been drowned in the murky waters of conflict and war. Internal conflicts are on the rise in the country. Foreign countries also usually intervene with their selfish interests. Have they learned anything from the gold in Africa history? Perhaps they have learnt just one thing: that in order for one to acquire this precious metal, some blood has to be shed and some heads have to roll as man tries to quench their desire for this super-metal.

More Important African Gold History To Know

There is just one thing that seems to be characteristic of the gold in Africa history. It is that the passive can never lay their hands on this material of wealth. A foreigner will come and dislodge you from your land where gold is sitting. What do you do? Pick up arms and guard it jealousy. You can also do a bit of theft, like the rebels in the DRC are doing. Some kilograms of this valuable stone will definitely make you stinking rich. Well that was just our view. However, if you really want real Congo gold without shedding some blood, contact us now. We have the best Congo gold at the best Congo gold price right here.

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