Gold sold at an African gold price here online

Would you like to buy some gold? Come to Kampala or contact us online now. Gold is an asset class that has been around since the beginning of man. Investors have often used it to time the markets and as a store of value during times of recession. Today, gold is one of the most expensive minerals in the world. At the current market price, many people are unable to afford it. However, you can now buy it at below the gold market price from us here in Africa. The African gold price is the most profitable.

How much gold do you need? We have it here in all quantities

We are an East African gold dealer whose presence in the market has span almost a decade. We sell gold and also act as a link between potential buyers and gold miners in the democratic republic of Congo. Through us, you can buy bulk gold. You can also buy retail quantities or a few pieces that you can simply carry with you when you go back. Come to Kampala now or simply contact us online in order to place an order for your gold at the African gold price.

Buying gold from us is very simple. You only need to contact us

The best way of buying gold is doing so through an established precious metals company. From us, you will buy with all the confidence because we are well-versed will the gold market trends in the East African region. We sell at the African gold price, meaning you have the opportunity of buying at below the current market price from us. If you are currently looking for high quality 24K African gold, buy from us now.

We will help you with the documentation of your gold

We process every single document required in the transportation of your gold to any destination across the globe. When you buy in bulk from us, we will also help you in the shipment of the commodity using our FOB shipment. Gold is the modern business tool. Buy it from us now at the best African gold price and you will enjoy more profitability than you had ever enjoyed. Get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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