Buy Affordable Gold From Kampala – 24 Karat Gold

Buy Affordable Gold From Kampala

Although East Africa has been lagging behind in gold trade as a result of the insurgencies in the region, there has been a big boost in gold trade in the region in the recent years. By 2017, over ten gold mining and exploration companies had already set foot in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The most prominent of them, perhaps; has been Ashanti Gold, a West African mining magnate whose presence in the region has given gold trade an international outlook. You can now buy cheap gold UK from Africa from affordable sources in the East African region.

But, where is this gold exactly located?

There is no denying the fact that most of this gold comes from the Eastern rebel-held provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda also produces a lot of this gold from her gold-mines in the northeastern district of Moroto. However, through a network of artisanal miners and gold traders across the region, we have been able to create one-stop point from where you can buy cheap gold UK at below the current the current gold market prices.

Finally, you should remember to deal with the right people

Although there are many companies that are currently trading gold in East Africa, not all of them offer the same opportunities. The big names, such as Ashanti Gold, sell gold at international rates. However, there are companies that have direct contact with small artisanal miners in the DR Congo and they sell gold at below the market price. We are one such company and we would like to invite you to deal with us. We know where the cheapest gold is and we can connect you to sellers who sell gold affordably. This is your chance to buy cheap gold UK at the most affordable rates ever.

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