Buy Gold Direct From The Democratic Republic Of Congo In Africa

Buy Gold Direct From The Democratic Republic Of Congo In Africa

East Africa is one of those regions of Africa where gold trade is almost reaching its peak of success. Why is that the case? Because many gold traders and businessmen have already discovered that they can buy gold direct from Africa at the best prices without any hassles from the region, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The artisanal miners in the DR Congo sell gold directly to foreign buyers. In doing so, they tend to avoid taxes. Although this is illegal, it offers chances of buying gold at below the international market rates.

You can make a fortune buying gold from the DR Congo

However, first, you will have to know about this gold. This is the highest quality 24K gold that is sold in both the raw and purified form. Most of it comes from the rebel-held goldmines located in the Eastern Provinces of the country. If you have been looking forward to buying cheap gold from Africa online, then you have to contact us.

Why you should choose to do business with us

Our team comprises of a group of experts (brokers and artisanal miners) who work tirelessly to buy this precious metal and sell it to many traders and dealers across the world. Since we have many years of business experience in trading this precious metal, we are choicest company to deal with. Our company is registered with the Congolese Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources.

We supply gold to all clients in different locations across the world. Our gold trade partner countries include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, Pakistan, France, Hong Kong, The United States of America, Australia, Turkey and many other countries. You can buy gold direct from Africa through us. Get in touch with us now and you will be the next client to do legit business with us.

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