The Finest DR Congo Gold Sold in The United States of America

The best place to buy gold in the USA is in the DR Congo

Are you in the United States of America? Would you like to buy gold in the USA online from Africa? Get in touch with gold dealers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Everything bout gold trade in the Congo is highly reputable, planned and supervised by DR Congo gold experts. In this country, gold is sold by gold acquisition companies, private persons as well as freelance professionals. With a steady supply from small scale miners as well, there is just a lot of gold on sale there.

You can buy gold in the USA through online networks

Remember, it is not just about seeing an advert saying “We sell gold”. Caution has to be taken on who you are dealing with and how long they have been in the market. In East Africa, there is a steady rise in the volume of gold traders because of the immense profitability the business enjoys. That is why you should choose a gold company that has been in the market for more than a decade. Do you want to buy gold in the USA from reputable dealers in Africa? Contact us now.

We process all gold documents and help with logistics

Safety and security is very paramount when dealing in gold. Actually, anyone who sells you the gold and fails to give you the documents puts your acquisition at risk. That will never happen when you buy from us. We guarantee the provision of all the necessary documents required in the transportation of gold. We have done it for the last decades and our clients are contented. This is the best place to buy gold in the USA from a reputable dealer in Africa.

Place an order for any quantity and we will deliver it

There are just about three options that you can utilize when buying gold from us. You can come to Nairobi, Kampala or Kinshasa, buy online or simply hand-carry your acquisition after purchase from our physical offices. Quantities can be in terms of pieces, handfuls, a kilogram or several bulk kilograms to the tune of 50. It is all here and e offer FOB shipping services too. This is the only place to buy gold in the USA from Africa and below the current market price.

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