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Why Buy Real African Gold in 2016?

Inflation is the invisible tax deliberately created by monetary expansion policies of central banks and governments. Contrary to what politicians and central bankers want to make you believe, that they are the guardians of your purchasing power and fight inflation for you, they are the primary cause of inflation. Inflation is politically beneficial to anyone who makes a lot of debt and very unfavorable for anyone trying to build a power. In the last 30 years, the purchasing power of the guilder, dollar and euro fell by more than 50% and the last 90 years by more than 95%. If the central banks actually protect us from inflation, then they did not have a good performance in the last 100 years at least. Gold has maintained its purchasing power during this period. There are designated periods when it was sensible to invest in financial instruments other than physical gold but over longer periods, there is no investment which retains its purchasing power as well as physical gold. Buy gold 2016 from us now.

Buy Real African Gold And Be Powerful

In times of political uncertainty, high inflation and devaluation of the currency, gold provides excellent protection against loss of power. Besides, physical gold reserves are always an intrinsic value. Financial products such as stocks, currencies, government bonds, savings accounts, bank deposits all have the risk that the value may drop to 0. Physical gold and silver are the only investment vehicle that are not dependent on the performance of a counterparty that guarantees the value (counterparty risk). Companies and banks can go bankrupt; governments can unilaterally fail to meet their contractual obligations by failing to redeem bonds and / or by creating inflation and / or devaluation of the currency. However, physical gold will remain and will always represent a value.

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