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Africa is blessed with a number of mineral resources. However, of all those resources, gold is the most valuable. There is plenty of gold down here in Africa. If you have been looking for an opportunity to buy raw gold at half the gold price, contact us now. Buying gold from Africa requires that you buy from genuine and reliable sources. Although there are many gold dealers online, care should be taken when buying in order to minimize loses. There are both genuine and scam gold dealers online. Inn as far as that is the case, all you to consider is reputation. If you have been trying to buy raw gold unsuccessfully, here is the chance.
We are a company that deals in raw gold, gold bars and gold nuggets. Come to Nairobi now and order you gold. We have the highest quality raw gold for you to buy. You will find the highest quality and the purest 24K gold mined from the rich goldmines of the democratic republic of Congo here with us. Contact us now for a chance to buy raw gold at the best prices ever.

Buy Raw African Gold In Various Quantities

Traditionally, most gold buyers prefer buying raw gold that is the shape of bricks. However, you can buy raw gold from us in different ways. We have gold dust and gold nugget. You can also order for your gold bars. Whatever quantity you would like, we have it all down here. You can buy handful from us. Those who would like to purchase in bulk can order up to 50 kilograms of gold from us. We sell all the gold at the lowest gold prices ever. Order now and we will supply it immediately.

Trading in gold is not safe when there no documents. Gold buyers must be issued with clearance before you can transport the gold. You can never transport your gold without gold documents. When you buy raw gold from us, we will process all the documents for you.

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