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Buying Real African Gold From the Best Dealers One of the questions that many people often ask is that: who buys African gold? African gold is not only bought by wealthy individuals and companies, but also by banks. Most African gold is often bought during times of economic recession. Many people see investment in African read more »

Buy Real African Gold In 2016 – Do It Today

Why Buy Real African Gold in 2016? Inflation is the invisible tax deliberately created by monetary expansion policies of central banks and governments. Contrary to what politicians and central bankers want to make you believe, that they are the guardians of your purchasing power and fight inflation for you, they are the primary cause of read more »

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It’s Time To Buy Online Kampala Gold For Yourself Every day will never be a normal day as usual. There are many things that can happen in life and will affect your being later. These things can change your life forever. They include wars, government’s harsh financial policies, natural disasters and many other political and read more »

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People Buy high Quality Gold in Uganda Uganda is one of the richest East African countries in terms of mineral endowment. There are tonnes of gold lying in the central, north-eastern and western regions of the country. The implication of this is that you can buy high quality gold mined from the African countries. You read more »