Best Gold Quality – Transporting African Gold

Transporting The Best Gold Quality

You are at the office of the customs agent. All the other agents are gathered around you inspecting your baggage and searching you all over like a policeman to suspect. “Sir, you will have to come with us!” the lead customs agent exclaims. You are bewildered and startled because you know you have done nothing wrong. Drips of sweat start running down your brow, your heart races ragingly and you begin shaking as your hand reaches for the handkerchief! You were just trying to protect your hard earned wealth from the ‘predators’ at the customs office. “Sir, are you conscious that you are carrying undeclared gold bullion and it constitutes an offence of felony?” You are silent. “Do you know that this is punishable by imprisonment?” You are still quiet. Do you know that your gold can be confisticated,” and then your heart skips a beat!

That is the kind of situation you can encounter if you don’t prepare for the transportation of your gold or precious metal. The coordination of international transportation of gold can be very challenging. Issues ranging from customs clearance, taxes, duties, handling import and export paperwork including any other logistical fees can cause lot of headaches. Some sellers prefer transport methods of their choice (including hand-carrying baggage) which is sometimes risky. Because of issues concerning security, it is recommended that an experienced courier be mandated to handle the complexity of custom clearance and exportation.
In this article, we are going to discuss companies that can be of great help in the transportation of your gold. Such companies quote all import and export expenses in advance.

Companies To Help You In Transporting Best Gold Quality

1. Malca-Amit: Since Malca-Amit is the sole handler of all gold dust and gold bars’ customs clearance for Brussels Airlines, they are the most efficient providers of global transportation of Gold into Belgium any other part of the globe. An investor arranging the transportation of 24 Karat Congo gold into Belgium has got a trusted courier service in Malca-Amit. The company offers a wide range of insured transport in the hands of experienced and well-trained couriers with a touch for goods of high value.
A valuable commodity that needs that extra special attention and care is only safe in the hands of Malca-Amit’s trained and highly experienced couriers. Value items like gold bars or bullion are flown with extraordinary security arrangements upon arrival or departure.

2. G4S International: G4S is an innovative transport solution to your high quality gold bullion. With safety and security as the core, you are rest assured of safe delivery of your 24 karat gold or white gold to any destination in the world. The company possesses hundreds of armored trucks in several countries across the globe, enabling you to transport your best gold quality or silver to any destination in the whole world.
The company has an unrivaled risk policy of up to $200Million for every shipment. From the comforts of your house or office, you can enjoy pre-delivery email alerts that inform you of the progress and distance covered in the transportation. The company also has unrivaled integrity that has worked to create long term partnerships with transporters of high value goods like gold worldwide.

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